Stacey Moler Turns Her Good Luck into Others’ Good Fortune

Posted Tuesday August 30, 2022 by Rotary Frederick Admin

Rotary Club of Frederick member, President-Nominee, and RY 2022-23 Program Chair Stacey Moler used her raffle winnings to load up on shoes for Soles of Love in the Garden, our fellow member Julie Gaver’s annual event that collects new shoes for kids in need going back to school.

Our club has a little fundraising tradition called Rotobucks— it’s similar to a 50/50 drawing, but the way we work it is a little different: a third of the ticket proceeds go to the weekly winner, a third go into the club’s coffers, and a third go into a rolling jackpot that accumulates from week to week. Each weekly winner also gets a chance to draw the Joker from standard deck of cards to win the jackpot. 

Today, Stacey was thrilled when the number matching her single ticket hit. But when she reached in and pulled the Joker out, everyone in the building knew it! JACKPOT!

She would never tell anyone what she did with a big chunk of her winnings, so we will— and hope she doesn’t get too mad. Cash in hand, Stacey went straight to the shoe store and loaded up on kicks for kids— to be given to Soles of Love (along with the rest of our club’s donations) this August. That’s what Rotarians do. That’s service above self. That’s who Stacey is, and we’re proud to have her on our leadership ladder.