Mission of Mercy, Inc.

Mission of Mercy provides free healthcare, dental care and free medications to the uninsured and underinsured using volunteer healthcare professionals and lay people.

Since 1994 Mission of Mercy has been living their mission – restoring dignity and “healing through Love” by providing free healthcare, dental care and free prescription medications to the residents of Frederick and Brunswick, via 2 mobile clinics.  In 2022, Mission of Mercy anticipates providing a medical home for over 600 uninsured and underinsured patients – to include over 2,000 free medical visits and 2,800 free prescription medications. Of all the free, charitable and sliding scale clinics in Frederick County, Mission of Mercy is the only one that does not pre-qualify patients based on age, income, insurance status, Veteran status, HIV status, or any other qualifying factor. They do not ask patients to prove their poverty when seeking care, which means they are free to serve patients who are ineligible for care at other clinics.

The Rotary Club of Frederick’s Service Partnership Grant will be used to assist Mission of Mercy in providing free medical care, dental care, and prescriptions for seniors at their two mobile locations in Frederick and Brunswick.