Rebuilding Together Project Update

Posted Monday January 22, 2024 by Joanne McCoy

Progress is being made as we head down the final stretch for Ms. Gaither! If you don’t know, Ms. Gaither’s  home and adjoining duplex rental unit were in dire need of renovation. Many of the windows were deteriorated to a point that they were causing structural damage to the exterior walls of the building.  The apartment bathroom floor had also rotted away from around the toilet area.  The mechanical systems needed replacement,  the insulation in the walls and ceiling was very limited and the interior cabinets and appliances were obsolete and barely functional.  

To date all of these items plus more have been replaced and the final painting was just completed this past weekend with many volunteers from our Frederick Rotary club.  With flooring being installed soon, we anticipate having the insides of both units complete by the end of January and having Ms. Gaither enjoying her new home!