Spanish Speaking Community of MD, Inc.

SSCM's mission is to provide direct services and work with public and private organizations throughout Maryland to ensure the most vulnerable residents are able to receive essential guidance for nutrition, health care, education, housing, employment and immigration benefits. Their vision is to empower low-income families and immigrants from diverse backgrounds by promoting self-sufficiency, greater social change, education and legal rights.

The funding from the Rotary Club of Frederick’s Service Partnership Grant will support SSCM’s Critical Services Partnership with the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) to address the unmet needs of FCPS students and their low-income mothers, many of whom have limited English proficiency. This partnership was established in October 2017 at FCPS’s request. SSCM will protect women and those they parent or care for by offering a safe haven environment that promotes dignity, self-sufficiency, and open and honest interactions with those who may be victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, neglect or any other form of abuse. SSCM will remove language barriers so that victims feel safe and empowered to report these types of acts. SSCM will bring its resources directly into the schools, so that women and children in need will not have to travel to one or more off-site locations for help. In coordination with SSCM’s partner organizations, they are able to help these families on the spot.