Heartly House, Inc.

For 40 years, Heartly House has been providing safety, emergency shelter, 24-hour hotline, legal, and supportive services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, as well as working to reduce these threats in Frederick County.

Many abusive relationships do end; however, some do not. When children are involved, there can be an ongoing contact for many years. If an abusive relationship does end and assuming the abuser has never been held accountable, odds are that he/she will become involved in another relationship where the same abusive behavior continues. This is why Heartly House’s Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) is so important to reduce the risks for very serious conflict and violence in intimate relationships. In Heartly House’s AIP, a 26-session educational group, men who have exhibited abusive behavior in the past learn: to take responsibility for their behavior, productive ways to communicate their needs, the characteristics of healthy relationships, the full dynamics of abuse and the cycle of domestic violence, how to reduce the need for power and control, stress reduction/relaxation techniques and much, much more. While participants are charged a fee for participation, this does not cover all the program costs. The Rotary Club of Frederick’s Service Partnership Grant will ensure that this program continues to provide these educational services that positively impact families and generations to come. Heartly House is fortunate to have James Dugue, AIP Program Coordinator to oversee and facilitate the program. James has over ten years’ experience doing this work and has gained tremendous credibility with participants over the years.