First Century Trust

Thank you for considering a gift to The Rotary Club of Frederick’s First Century Trust Fund.

Our club was the original Rotary club in Frederick, and one of first to be chartered nationwide. Our founders had the vision to inaugurate a force that would improve the quality of life in this community– not just for their generation but for generations to come.

Now, nearly a century later, we have found a way to continue this legacy of service founded 100 years ago into perpetuity with the creation of The First Century Trust.

When we reach our goal of $1 million, we can count on having an additional $50,000 added to our club’s service budget every year in perpetuity.

There are four recognition levels:
Bronze ($5,000)
Silver ($10,000)
Gold ($25,000)
Platinum ($50,000)

Pledges may be paid over a five-year period.

Planned gifts such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts, etc. are also gratefully accepted.

Questions regarding The Rotary Club of Frederick’s First Century Trust Fund may be directed to The Community Foundation of Frederick County, Rotarian Phil Berkheimer, or Rotarian Charlie Nicodemus

We encourage gifts to The First Century Trust Fund but gifts to other funds benefiting Rotary’s community impact will be considered. Gifts exceeding $25,000 may be used to start a new fund in your name to benefit Rotary.