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Russ Hodge

Speaker: Russ Hodge ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Chuck Mann Invocation: Ron Young Introducer: Jo Butler Thanker: Andy Carpel If you have read the FNP in the last couple of weeks, or the Hagerstown Herald, or The Baltimore Sun, you likely will have seen an article about a Frederick TV production company, 3 Roads Communications, and... Read More »

African American Resources Cultural and Heritage Society

SPEAKER: AARCH Executive Director, Cheryl Renee Gooch, Ph.D. Dr. Gooch is a passionate chronicler of the African American experience. Within academia, she oversaw art and material culture collections and the development of academic and training programs that provide pathways within the museum sector for underrepresented professionals. As a historian, she has worked with museum and... Read More »

Sass Magazine

Speaker: Kim Dow ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Brian Ropp Invocation: Rich Robertson Introducer: Karlys Kline Thanker:

4-Way Test Speech Contest

MODERATOR: Ted Luck Greeter: Marj Berkheimer Invocation: John George One of the world’s most widely quoted statements is Rotary’s 4-Way Test, which was created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert Taylor. Every year, Rotary districts around the world sponsor 4-Way Test contests for high school students. The purpose of the speech is to persuade others while... Read More »

Female Entrepreneurship

SPEAKER: Christine Van Bloem, The Empty Nest Kitchen Greeter: Invocation: John Fieseler Introducer: Thanker:

Cyber Security

Speaker: Rich Robertson ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Invocation: Bill Wallace Introducer: Thanker:

State Park Ranger Manager

Speaker: Mark Spurrier, State Park Ranger Manager Mark Spurrier will be bringing Edmund, a snapping turtle, to our Rotary meeting on April 3rd. Edmund, a common snapping turtle from Maryland, was brought to Cunningham Falls State Park as a baby in 2002. More than 20 years later, he’s grown immensely and weighs 94.9 pounds. Now,... Read More »


Speaker: Daryl Boffman ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Invocation: Cap Cline Introducer: David Miller Thanker: Rich Robertson


Speaker: Pilar ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Invocation: Anne Rollins Introducer: Thanker:

Coming Soon

ROTARIANS IN ASSISTANCE: Greeter: Invocation: John George Introducer: Thanker: