Areas of Focus

The Rotary Club of Frederick desires to create significant partnerships with Frederick County organizations whose missions enhance our local and global communities. Service Partnership Grants are available in areas that match Rotary International’s emphasis, as follows:

Basic Education & Literacy

Providing teacher training, education curriculum, and necessary supplies to schools in rural areas and developing countries and ensuring that vocational training is provided to improve living conditions.

Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Supporting marginalized groups that are at-risk in areas affected by conflict, providing care for children orphaned as a result of violence, and easing the burdens that are carried by refugees.

Water & Sanitation

Improving sanitation facilities and access to clean, drinkable water while providing education on these topics and their relationship with disease and medical issues.

Disease Prevention & Treatment

Supporting health education programs in regions disproportionately affected by communicable diseases and providing immunizations to eradicate those diseases forever.

Economic & Community Development

Partnering and promoting microfinance programs in areas where economic support is limited and providing mobile technology to increase the ability of these institutions and their clients to process transactions.

Maternal & Child Health

Educating new mothers on the importance of proper nutrition and disease transmission, while providing childhood immunizations, antibiotics, and antiretroviral drugs to prevent HIV transmission.