Proposing A New Member

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Candidates for membership into The Rotary Club of Frederick may be proposed by a member(s) in good standing, and are vetted through a three-step process. Candidates for membership should be adult (age 21 or older) persons of good character and good business and professional reputation.

Past volunteer service and community commitment are weighed heavily during the review process.

Note: Because Rotary demands active participation from all members, candidates for membership are typically not members of other service clubs.

A person being proposed for membership should attend a meeting or two. The club will pay for the prospective member's first lunch; sponsors pay for any additional lunches. Sponsors should introduce their proposed members to other members informally and to the group at large during the designated time. 

To propose a new member, download the instructions document for sponsors, as well as the New Member Proposal Form, complete it with the nominee, and email it to our Club Coordinator, Meredith Lawler, for review. 

Prospective members are reviewed by the Membership Committee, the Board of Directors, and the general membership. If and when a candidate is approved by all three groups, the Club Coordinator or Secretary will inform the approved candidate's sponsors and any other Rotarians involved in his or her orientation and induction.